We Are


Istaleo is an Istanbul-based venture company, founded by two brothers in 2014,
to develop and build innovative businesses.


  • We work towards learning, discovering and creating a better version of ourselves constantly.
  • We envision creating value for humanity and the world.
  • We plan to share our knowledge, experience, and consciousness with people.
  • We look forward to designing purposeful services while enjoying our limited time on earth!


After we established Istaleo, we started with exploring and analyzing the people’s needs and problems around the world. We traveled over 20 cities around the world to the east to the west from Tokyo to San Francisco, London to New York City, Paris to Los Angeles, Seoul to Washington DC, Geneva to Frankfurt.

We met talented and visionary people, attended fairs and conferences.

Our primary focus was always on the innovative technology field. Especially in mobile and social technologies. We were very aware of the influence of the mobile technology in people’s life. The combination of the smart mobile devices and the innovative social softwares had been starting to take an important role in people’s daily lives and for sure, it’ll increase its importance in the upcoming future.


  • Social Network

    My Lookbook (2014)

    We designed a mobile application called My Lookbook to store your digital wardrobe, create looks and plan what to wear.

    You can build your closet by snapping pictures of your clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. You can mix, match, play and create your most stylish outfits in seconds! You can also plan your travels ahead, receive advice from other users and share your looks with friends.

  • Sports Business

    GS Social (2014)

    A social fan application designed for Turkey’s biggest sports club Galatasaray which has over 30 million fans.

    We designed a social media application just for the use of Galatasaray fans. Fans can communicate with each other, follow the club news, interact with the players and the board members, shop from the online fan store, buy tickets and play online games inside the application.

  • Airport Hosting Business

    Homeinport (2014-2015)

    Hourly rentable sleeping and resting pods on the international terminal of the Istanbul Ataturk Airport which hosts over 60 million transit passengers per year.

    Designed and produced in Turkey.

  • Toy market

    Allintoys (2015)

    Remote controlled spinning toys for kids ages 5 to 14.

    Educational robotic series, which has three levels with each level building 9 robots or more as provided with instructions, but also provides the opportunity to use kids’ imagination to build additional robots.

    Imported from South Korea.

  • Social Network

    Selfision (2015-2017)

    We designed and launched a social media application called Selfision with a group of talented partners in 2015.

    Selfision is a fast and easy way to find out how people see you, to discover yourself and connect with new people. You can upload photos with tags you attach and discover how others perceive you based on the results. You can analyze individual tags and see who has voted on your photos, create your network in Selfision and start a conversation with a person when you follow each other.

    Selfision reached thousands of users from 80 different countries in a short period of time.
    We analyzed data collected to use in our following projects.


Cem Unsal

Managing Partner

Cem began his career in the media sector working at global broadcasting companies like CNN, Bloomberg and TNT. He spent 8 years in media, led advertising and marketing teams, and managed multi-million dollar budgets every year. He was then named Director of Sponsorship and Special Projects Department. He was responsible for developing cross-platform projects between Group’s three national TV channels, one daily newspaper, two radio channels, and several websites. He designed bespoke projects for global brands including Coca Cola, Unilever, Nike, Samsung, Toyota, and Vodafone.

After leaving the media sector, he started his entrepreneurship journey with his brother, Cenk. Over the past four years, they designed and built several projects in social media field including a fashion-oriented app designed to store your digital wardrobe, create new looks and plan trendy outfits to wear, a social media app designed for sport fans to create improved communication between fans, help fans follow club news, foster interaction with both players and board members, host a shop from the online fan store for both products and tickets, and play online games within the application, and finally, a photo voting application designed to help users learn about themselves from the perspective of others, while supporting self-discovery and connection with new people.

As an Ex-Media Professional and a serial entrepreneur in the social media field now, he is fully concentrating on his Corld journey by using his experience to build a brand-new, blockchain-based, cryptocurrency-integrated social media platform.

He aims to make a shift in the traditional social media field as a pioneer in the social media revolution alongside talented partners who have the same vision.

Cenk Unsal

Managing Partner

Corld is Cenk’s current Journey as he works to create a Sharing Economy Model for both individuals and businesses, which shares all financial, moral, and social success with every contributor, beginning with the creation of this unique social platform and continuing through its global success.

Prior to Corld, he worked as the Managing Partner alongside Cem at both Selfision, which is a quick, simple way to view yourself through the eyes of others, to support self-discovery and build connections with new people; and at Istaleo, an Istanbul-based venture company, which helps the creation and development of innovative businesses, mainly, in the social media field.

He began his career as a Product Manager at Samsung Electronics with responsibilities in sales, marketing, strategic planning and delivery of Samsung products.

He holds a BS degree in Computer Engineering from Bogazici University with one year Japanese Language and Culture Education at Tsukuba University.